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 with Mindfulness and Wisdom to Compassion 

 5-day Silent Meditation Retreat with Bhante Buddhapala, 
 19-24 March 2024 
 From 16:00 (Tue) to 12:30 (Sun) 

Foto von Bhante Buddhapala
SATIPANYA – Mindfulness and Wisdom leading to Compassion: Awareness of reality, where one learns about knowing sense-perceptions and reality. The more one sees reality, compassion bubbles up. A practical meditation retreat with sitting and walking sessions with interesting Dhamma talks and discussions.

Venerable Buddhapala Thera brings these profound elements of our life in simple humorous way to common people.

Course language: English

The retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

About Venerable Buddhapala Thera
Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhapala is a Theravada Buddhist monk and Director of Maha Bodhi Society Hyderabad Branch at Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara.
Originally from Zanskar, Ladakh, he ordained in 2001 as a Buddhist Monk in Bangalore, where he received training under Acharya Buddharakkhita and other senior Bhantejis. He also learned and practiced Dhamma under the guidance of Bhikkhu Bodhi in the USA.
He conducts several residential meditation retreats per year at the Mahabodhi Meditation Centre in Bangalore, but also teaches in the U.S.
A humorous and kind monk, Venenerable Buddhapala touches the hearts with his practical Dhamma.


Retreat Requirements

Respecting the periods of Noble Silence during the retreat
Full registration



Venue: Das Buddhistische Haus,
Edelhofdamm 54, 13465 Berlin

Accommodation on site is possible but not obligatory.

Accommodation options:
Double or triple bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities
Sleeping in your own tent or camper on site
Please note that due to the small accommodation capacity, single rooms cannot be booked. However, private accommodations with single rooms in the neighbourhood are available.

On request, the SAGE-Institute will be happy to give you information on external accommodation options in Frohnau.



Participants will be served breakfast, lunch and a light evening meal. All meals are vegetarian. Vegan options are available on the buffet.

Accommodation in Das Buddhistische Haus is organized by the SAGE Institute. Please indicate your accommodation preferences at registration with SAGE. Also, please mention food allergies and special food intolerances (e.g., gluten intolerance).

Retreat Start and End

Arrival day (Tuesday, March 19, 2024):
4:00 - 5:30pm Arrival and registration
6:00pm Welcome and organisation
7:00pm Evening snack
8:00pm Introduction and evening meditation


Closing day (Sunday, March 24, 2024):
The retreat finishes with lunch at 12:30pm (after that packing and clean-up, which takes 1-2 hours)


The costs include a course fee + teacher donation + donation for accommodation & food.
The course fee is needed for full registration and is paid upon online-registration with SAGE. The donations for the teacher as well as for the accommodation are paid in cash on site. Usually, donations for the house are given at registration on site and donations for the teacher are given at the end of the retreat.

Course fee
The course fee covers costs for the course organization and course management.


Teacher donation
In accordance with the Dana principle of the Buddhist tradition, the teacher receives a voluntary donation after the course.

At your own discretion

Donation for accommodation and meals
The donation recommendation covers the minimum expenses of the house including food, cook and operating costs.

Please note that the Buddhist House is financed purely from donations and depends on every donation for maintenance.
Any additional donation beyond the recommended package is highly welcome!

Recommended donation:

- 5 nights in a room: 190€
- 5 nights in a tent or a camper on site: 150€ 
- External accommodation (full board only for 5 days): 125€

Discount regulation

No one should have to forgo participation for financial reasons. If you have difficulties to pay for the course fees and / or if your budget is far below the recommended donation for the accommodation, please contact the SAGE-Institute by email. We will find a solution.

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

Cancellations in the first four working days after registration do not incur any cancellation costs. If your participation is cancelled 3 weeks before the beginning of the course, your course fees will be fully refunded minus a cancellation fee of 20€. In case of cancellation up until 10 days prior to the course, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. In case of cancellation within 10 days before the start of the course, you will be refunded 30% of your paid fees. In case of withdrawal on the last working day before the course starts as well as in case of early departure, the full course fee is due.
If SAGE Institute for Mindfulness and Health has to cancel a seminar for important reasons (e.g. illness of the teacher), all costs will of course be refunded. Further liability and compensation claims are excluded. Travel costs (e.g. flight, bus and train tickets) will not be reimbursed. 


Participation in the courses is at the participant's own risk. SAGE Institute as well as the course leaders do not accept any liability for personal injuries resulting from course participation, including psychological, mental or physical impairments, as well as damage to property.
Intensive meditation seminars (in silence) might not be suitable for people with severe psychiatric medical histories. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your mental or physical condition, please contact us before registering.



As Das Buddhistische Haus does not organize seminars, we kindly ask you to register with our partner SAGE Institute.
To register, please read the conditions of participation and fill in the registration form on the SAGE Institute website (klick the link-button below or go to 

After receiving your registration, SAGE Institute will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have not received a reply within 2-3 working days, please check your email spam folder to see if the reply ended up there by mistake (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Please note that the course fees need to be transferred for a binding registration.

As Das Buddhistische Haus does not organize seminars, we kindly ask you to contact SAGE Institute directly with any questions, thank you!
Please do not hesitate to contact our partner with any questions you have, including accommodation, via phone (+49-30-2637-2067) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If do not find someone by phone, leave a message and you will be called back.



For directions and route planning, take a look at our Frohnau city map.

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