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Program of the Poson Poya Ceremony 2023

at Das Buddhistische Haus Berlin
on June, 03 2023


07.30 Uhr     Sil acceptance: pledge to uphold the virtues
08.00 Uhr   Dahna for the Venerable Monks in the morning
09.00 Uhr   Dhamma lecture
10.00 Uhr   Meditation exercises
10.30 Uhr   Almsgiving (Pindapatha Poojawa)
11.15 Uhr   Buddha Pooja at noon
11.40 Uhr   Dhana for the Venerable Monks at noon
12.30 Uhr   Break/ lunch for guests
13.30 Uhr   Dhamma lecture and discussion
14.30 Uhr   Meditation exercises with instructions in German language
15.00 Uhr   Devotion and prayers for the Triple Jewel,
Putting down Sil, Buddha Pooja in the afternoon
15.30 Uhr   Refreshments for guests from the Sri Lanka Association Berlin
16.00 Uhr   Devotional chants
17.30 Uhr   End of program

Do not engage in unwholesome deeds,
develop and purify the mind with wholesome deeds,
is the central message of the Buddha.


Sri Lanka