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Individual Introduction to Meditation

Das Buddhistische Haus would like to invite you for to awaken your interest in meditation!
Quite casually, quite naturally, with individual counseling, daily!

Since you are in this moment here, shows that you already have thought of meditation ...
It is good to remember, but still no real experience...

Practice begins with the first step!

Das Buddhistische Haus is a place where you may feel free,
freeandeasy to go your first steps towards meditation.

Quite relaxed you can inform yourself in the house and you will experience that meditation is a part of you
and that, as soon as you do NOTHING.

You will learn how to see and steer your body and mind -
and if you learn to appreciate the blessing of meditation,
you will enjoy it thrilled!

The meditation hall / temple is open daily from 09:00 to 18:00 o'clock
and if you can supportDas Buddhistische Haus with a donation.

Good luck and see you soon!


Sri Lanka