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Lecture series on sunday

...takes place on Sundays at 15:00 in our library.

Not all lectures in english language! If you have any questions, please contact us!

 Lecture deutsch english
February 04, 2024

 Tissa Weeraratna
Empty mind kann not cling

 Lecture english
 February 11, 2024

 Bhante Pelane Dhammakusala Thero
Restraint of all defilements

 Lecture english
 February 18, 2024

 Bhante Thalpawila Kusalagnana Thero
Introduction to "dependent origination" (Paticca samuppada)

Lecture deutsch
January 25, 2024

 Rodrigo Gonzales
Buddhism - Guide to happiness

Every last Sunday of the month:
Dana and Dhammadesana in sinhalese with the residing monks


Changes are possible.

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