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Upul Gamage
@ Das Buddhistische Haus, Berlin
Retreat 2009

Dear Dhamma friends, we can begin our retreat with loving kindness meditation, Metta Bhavana

Try to feel your heart. Try to feel the area of your heart.

Can you see yourself as your best helper, as your best supporter?

You started in this early morning in this cold winter and you came to here to practise meditation with this difficult environment.

You have environmental difficulties and physical difficulties also psychological difficulties.

But you try to meditate. Can you appreciate it?

Accepting your self as your best helper and best supporter

Appreciating your own interest and effort in the practise

You can wish your self from your heart:

May I meditate happily and peacefully

Now, please, think about your spiritual friends, especially who are meditating with us in this room

They have the same difficulties but they try to practise

We are not alone on this Path

Appreciating their interest and their effort in the practise

We can extend our grateful friendliness to all our spiritual friends

May they meditate happily and peacefully

Now please think about your friends, your family members and relatives who are helping and supporting you in the daily life

Can you live without them, without their support?

Please think about the support that you are receiving from your friends and from your relatives

Appreciating their support and help we can extend our grateful, grateful friendliness to all of our friends

May they live happily and peaceful

There may be people behaving in a way which is disturbing you.

Please think about them who are making troubles, who are making problems and who are making you unhappy

Can you see their unpleasant behaviour as a result of their inner problems?

Can you see their unpleasant behaviour as an external projection of their internal suffering?

Can we create some compassion and kindness towards their suffering?

May they be free from suffering

Feel your heart and feel the lightness; and feel the gentleness

Sri Lanka