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City Map Frohnau

S-Bahn Station -->  Das Buddhistische Haus, Edelhofdamm 54, 13465 Berlin

Billd des Frohnauer Stadtplans


Directions and route planning: 

Navigation: 52.63569, 13.302834

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Travel Information – how to get to Das Buddhistische Haus (DBH)

The closest subway station to Das Buddhistische Haus is Frohnau station (S+U Frohnau). From Frohnau station it is a pleasant 15 minutes’ walk to the house. At Frohnau station also taxis are available.

For individual connection and fares please go to Berlin Transport Authority’s trip planner:


 Getting to DBH from the Airport:

From the airport (Berlin, BER) you can take a taxi or public transport. The most convenient, cheapest and fastest connection to Berlin-Frohnau is via Airport Express train (FEX), which takes 55 minutes from the airport to Frohnau subway station. If you cannot catch the FEX, there are also suburban trains you can take.


Getting to DBH from Berlin main station:

From the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) you can take a taxi or public transport. With public transport, it takes approximately 35 minutes with the suburban train to Frohnau station.

From the main station it is a 20- to 25-minute taxi ride to Das Buddhistische Haus (approx. 20-25€).



Taxi-call: +49 30 202020

Please make sure to give the taxi driver right address as there are several “Buddhist Houses” in Berlin. Give him the zip code of Das Buddhistische Haus (13465) or say “Frohnau”.


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