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January 08, 2023
Tissa Weeraratna:
Emptiness (Sunyata) - spiritual freedom
Vortrag auf Deutsch gb

January 15, 2023
Ven. Kusalagnana Thero:
Five abilities (Indriya) and their importance in the path to enlightenment
Vortrag auf Deutsch gb

January 22, 2023
Tissa Weeraratna:
Happiness in the present through mindfulness
Vortrag auf Deutsch gb

January 29, 2023
Rodrigo Gonzales:
Advice from the hearts of the awakened
Vortrag auf Deutsch

February 26, 2023
Memorial ceremony for Dr. Paul Dahlke

April 16, 2023
Sri Lankan New Year celebration

July 02, 2023
Death Anniversary of Mr
. Asoka Weeraratna

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