Lectures are held on Sundays at 03:00pm in the Library

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  Sun 01 December  - Shanti R. Strauch: „Cautiousness in the Investigation of Reality“ de
  Sun 08 December   -

Ven. Bhante Homagama Kondanna: „How to Live in Peace and Harmony“ English (UK) de

  Sun 15 December  -

Tissa Weeraratna: „Realization of Deathlessness (I)“ de

  Sun 22 December - Rodrigo Gonzalez: „A Light in the Heart“ de
  Sun 29 December Tissa Weeraratna: „Realization of Deathlessness (II)“ de

EVERY Tuesday 05:30pm - Study of Buddhism with Rodrigo Gonzalez
(7, - EURO donation requested)


Every last Sunday of the month:
Dana and Dhammadesana in sinhalese with the residing monks


Changes are possible.

For lectures at Das Buddhistische Haus, we would appreciate a donation.