Vipassana Insight Meditation


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Achtsamkeits- und Einsichtsmeditation (Vipassana)


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Wie man sich selbst befreien kann


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Tag der Achtsamkeit 2020


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Achtsamkeit und achtsames Selbstmitgefühl


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Lectures are held on Sundays at 03:00pm in the Library

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Study of Buddhism

at Das Buddhistische Haus

Tuesdays 17:30 clock, in our library, Rodrigo Gonzalez would like to guide you for understanding of the buddhist teachings.

The buddhist studies are a public course, which may be attended by anyone interested. This course provides the teachings of the Buddha as well as the practical applications of meditation from the beginning. Getting into this course at any time.


Rodrigo Gonzales
Rodrigo Gonzalez